Biking on the Xi'an City Wall

Almost all of the ancient city walls of China no longer exist, either because they fell victim in a war or were torn down by the People’s Republic of China during the Cultural Revolution. Xi’an is the only city in China that still has its city wall. The wall has been maintained and repaired and is now both a city landmark and tourist attraction. (Xi’an actually had a much larger city wall that encompassed an area about seven times the wall that stands today, but that larger wall is no more.) 

The best part of the Xi’an city wall today is that bike rentals are offered on top of the wall. You can bike around the entire wall in about 90 minutes, looking down at the city all the way. Kelsi and picked out one of the tandem bikes and had a great afternoon surveying the city from the ramparts.

At first riding a tandem bike is about as elegant as a baby giraffe learning how to walk. After a while we managed to get the hang of it.