The Hot Springs of Anning

While hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge, we got the fantastic tip from another hiking couple to visit the Jinfang Hot Spring in Anning, a town about an hour outside of Kunming. As it was our last day in China, we thought visiting a hot spring would be the perfect way to shuck off the dirt of our month in China and get in the honeymoon mood for our visit to the Philippines.

The all-inclusive hot springs were at a fancy luxury spa/resort place, and the overcast weather kept away both crowds and sunburn. For almost every pool we went to, we had the place to ourselves. Finding the correct bus station in Kunming was a bit difficult, but beyond that we had an extremely pleasurable day, all for about $45 including transportation. Many of the pools were scented to give them a unique look and smell. Check out the photos below!

The first pink pool was rose-scented, and there were flower petals floating in the water 

The green pool smelled exactly like lemon-lime Gatorade.

The red pool was impossible to figure out, it didn’t smell like anything. A faint tea perhaps?

Though a bit strange looking, the white pool was our favorite as it was scented with coconut milk

The second pink pool smelled like strawberry Jello. Andrew didn’t like it so went to rinse off in one of the clear, unscented pools pretty quickly.

There were also many regular size hot spring pools to relax in, varying in size from a cozy pool for two like these to ones big enough for a dozen or more people

Last but not least, the hot springs had a fish pool! We’d seen this elsewhere in China and knew they were popular in Asia, but had not yet tried them. You put your feet in the water and the fish eat all the dead skin off your feet. It’s a strange tickly feeling that I found immensely entertaining. After a couple minutes, we adjusted and sat comfortably for our feet cleaning. Below is a video of me right after I stuck my feet into the pool.