Japan Photo Montage

Yes a bit late, but spotty internet means we are only now able to share these photos with you that did not make it into our regular Japan posts. We hope you enjoy them!

Osaka: We got the chance to step behind the counter and help make takoyaki, Osaka's famous dough ball with octopus. Fun to make but actually fairly unpleasant to eat. This is not because of the octopus, but because they are not meant to be cooked through and taste like raw pancake dough in the middle. 

Osaka: The Osaka aquarium featured spider crabs with (no joke) legs as long as my arms. SUPER COOL to watch.

Osaka: We visited Universal Studios Japan and went to the new Harry Potter World at the park. Kelsi is about to taste the butterbeer which, no joke, tasted amazing. It is a sweet butterscotch drink with a milky froth on top like on a milkshake. We had a frozen version of the treat as well and devoted significant conversation to try to figure out how to reproduce it someday at home. Below are some more photos from our day at Universal Studios Japan.

Osaka: In front of the main tower at Osaka castle

Osaka: A view from the top of a giant ferris wheel shows a bridge that looks like it could be in Boston...

Kyoto: We were able to visit the first whisky distillery in Japan. The whisky there was "designed for the Japanese palette" and much more delicate tasting than American, Canadian, or Scotch whisky that I've had. The preferred way to have whisky in Japan is in a highball glass with soda water in a 1 to 4 ratio. 

Miyajima: Kelsi captured this photo of a crane 

Miyajima: There is a large Buddhist temple on the island and we found these statues on a trail near the temple

Miyajima: We haven't had any encounters with nasty bugs or wildlife, but we did spot this colorful spider on the mountain trail in Miyajima

Hiroshima: Hiroshima castle featured costume dress up

Hiroshima: Hiroshima was the first city that had a lot of baseball merchandise and paraphernalia. These Hiroshima Toyo Carp jerseys were hanging in our hostel.

Tokyo: We saw many blood donation centers in Japan. This clinic kept track of how many people of each type had donated that day.

Tokyo: The Japanese Krispy Kreme doughnut menu for price and flavor comparison purposes