Our Big Trip

The thermometer in October 2013. We've come further since!

A few days before the close of 2011, just shy of our one year anniversary, we had a long talk and decided to begin saving for a year long trip around the world. We knew we wanted to travel extensively together for some time and determined that the time had come to begin preparing. We made a savings plan, went out and bought a poster board and marker set, and spent New Years Eve drawing a giant thermometer to track our progress. We have shared this plan with many close friends, both to spread our excitement and also reinforce our commitment to make this dream a reality.

Since then, our lives have both changed considerably. We both had unemployed periods, both started new jobs, Andrew began night classes at the Harvard Extension School, and Kelsi moved to Tunisia. When Andrew proposed in April 2013, the “trip” became our “honeymoon.” Through it all, however, our vision and efforts to save have remained constant.


Our trip took us through 10 countries in Asia over six months - Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Nepal, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The adventure was an amazing one and has inspired us to make travel a priority for the rest of our lives.

We hope you enjoy reading and learning about our trip as much as we have planning it. Thank you for following us as we lived out our dream and made memories to fuel our marriage for a lifetime to come.